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Project deliverables

The major deliverables are in correspondence with the project Work Packages.

The notation Dx.y below means Deliverable y under Work Package x.

D1.1 Data collection and pre-processing: satellite data, meteorological data (ground observations, forecasts, retrospective forecast) and ancillary data.

D2.1 HM preparation for Level 1 remote sensing data assimilation.

D2.2 LSM implementation for the test catchments and integration in a HEPS (Hydrological Ensemble Prediction System) framework.

D3.1 Observation operators for various Level 1 remote sensing data for use in HM and LSM.

D4.1 Evaluation of the assimilation systems.

D4.2 Validation of the simulated streamflow.

D4.3 Time series of HM and LSM initial conditions for the forecast experiments.

D5.1 Validation of the streamflow forecast with HM and LSM: (a) with and without dataassimilation, and (b) with and without post-processing.

D6.1 Project reports, publications in peer reviewed journals, conferences and web-site.